Who are We?


We are HBA racing club and this is our official web page!

As you can already see on the photos and read in the articles, we are a cycling club team and we love what we do so much! We are real bicycle lovers and we are currently looking for new people to join our team. Do you think you are a god fit for us?

Our professional cycling club on the road!

Well, if you have a bike and you enjoy the ride more than anything else, we think you’ll do just fine. We attend a lot of races every month, but most importantly we organise some throughout the state. We’re already sure you’ve heard about a lot of them, maybe you’ve even taken part in some.

The club was founded by Johnny C. Lewis back in 2011. which means we’re already veterans. Ha ha, just joking! We have members of both sexes and different age groups working together like one. Our goal is not to become professional cyclers, but to enjoy this sport and to promote the benefits of sport and cycling in the area.

Most of all, we’d like to include some shool kids into our programmes since kids nowadays are missing some physical activity due to the technology improvement.

We’ve attended many sport events throughout the state. So, this Club is the right choice for you if you like to travel also. Every month we organise a trip to one of the races outside of the townwe’re situated in. That’s what makes our team members relaxed and happy!

There’s no better therapy than a cycling weekend on fresh air. Are you a road biker? Or do you prefer mountain biking? Maybe you’re into indoor biking? It doesn’t matter, as long as your bike is your best friend 🙂

Once again, we’d like to invite you to join us. Become our member and enjoy our exclusive member benefits such as free gym and group training sessions with professionals. There’s a lot of free biking and sports equipment as well as weekly trips to the cycling races nearby. We also have a mountain biking session every weekend in order to relax after the busy working week.

Our members like mountain biking as well! Come and join us!

Don’t hesistate on contacting us in case you have any additional questions. In case you’re already sure you’d like to apply for our memberhip, please use the form in the Contact page. That’s where you’ll get all the additional info you need.

Thanks for being interested in what we do!