Dear members, supporters and sympathizers,

Welcome to our new and improved web page!

It’s the official web page of the HBA Racing Team where you can get all the information needed about the races and club events. It’s also the place you can apply for membership at the Club (for this one, please check the Contact tab)

We are a cycling team based in Iowa. We have over a decade long experience in bicycle races (as participants) as well as organizing many as well. We’ve achieved many wins and many gold medals. The list of our sponsors is quite long, and we thank each and every of them fro the support they give us!

Our Racing Team official logo

Our Team

Our club counts 37 members at this moment. We have both men and women as a part of our team and they all belong to different age groups. We organise exclusive training session for our team, led by professionals in order to get into the best shape before the racing starts.

Some of our members are professionals in this sports, some of them used to be ones. But, mostly, our team consists of amateurs who share an incredible passion for this amazing and wonderful sport. If you’re into cycling, we can’t find a single reason for you not joining out team already. our basic membership costs only 20$ and gives you a lot of member benefits.

Race organising

As we already mentioned, our HBA racing Team has spent a few years organising different cycling event all over the State. We’re the hosts of the annual Iowa cycling race and the Summer Race Event we do regularly every year. It’s easy to see how amazing and well organiset the event is if you see how many participants there are each and every year. Last year, we had more than 1000 cyclers come to our Race! It was spectacular and amazing. We must add a lot of celebrity cyclers also came to join us. Last year, our race was filmed for the documentary movie. We used some of the best filming equipment, as well as a great number of long range aerial drones which helped us get the best shots from air. Actually, most of the movie shots were filmed by dronesOur Team has bough 10 drones under $300 and is just learning how to use them the best way. If you have some suggestions, let us know 🙂


What do you need to become our member?

Actually, nothing but a big love for cycling. And, of course, a bicycle.

If you want to become our member, you must submit your application (you can do it in person in our club or email it to us). The annual membership will cost you 20$.

But… What will you get when you become our member?

You get access to our training sessions by professional sportspeople. Apart from the group training, you get exclusive consultation appointments. You, as our member, are allowed to use our gym and can gain 70% discount on City pool membership.

You also get some sponsor material from our sponsors. Mostly sport jerseys, promotional healthy food and snacks, promo water bottles, manuals and cycling equipment in general. You are also entitled to free bike repairs if needed.

In case you go to some of the races as a member of our Team, our Club will cover your transport and meal costs anytime.

We’re sure you’re alreasy sure how good idea it is to join us. So, take no time for thinking twice and let us know you’re interested. Your exclusive membership is only one email away from you!

Thanks for visting our page and supporting our Team.